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Haus of Paws

Poop Pals

Poop Pals

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Introducing the Haus of Paws Poop Pal – the innovative solution for a cleaner, more convenient dog-walking experience. Designed with busy dog owners in mind, this clever rubber holder attaches seamlessly to your dog’s lead, providing a hygienic and hands-free way to carry used poo bags until you find a disposal bin.

Crafted from durable, high-quality rubber, the Poop Pal is built to withstand the rigors of daily walks and outdoor adventures. Its sturdy design ensures it stays securely attached to your lead, while the flexible material allows for easy insertion and removal of used poo bags. No more juggling between the leash, your phone, and a smelly bag – the Poop Pal keeps your hands free and your walk hassle-free.

The Haus of Paws Poop Pal features a simple clip mechanism that attaches to any standard lead, making it a versatile and indispensable accessory for dog owners. Its sleek, compact design ensures it doesn’t add bulk or weight, maintaining the sleek look of your dog’s lead.

Available in a range of stylish colours, the Poop Pal not only offers practicality but also complements your overall walking ensemble. Whether you’re in the city or the countryside, this handy accessory ensures you’re always prepared, keeping your hands free for more important things – like giving your pup some well-deserved pets.

Elevate your dog-walking routine with the Haus of Paws Poop Pal – where innovation meets convenience. Make every walk a pleasant, hassle-free experience with this must-have accessory, designed to keep you organized and your hands free.

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